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Extremely overjoyed that I saw my baby perform tonight. She is an amazing, genuine, and outstanding person. She is so down to earth it is crazy to even think she is real. I cannot recall a single song where I did not go off on. She is my number one girl. I am so happy with every movement she made even if it was aggressively hitting her chest, she made it work. The only thing that I’m upset over is not being able to post any videos that I took because all of the files are reach the maximum. Other than that, her merch was perfect and a big plus for receiving the set list! 

Thank you so much Li. Keep doing you.

First in line.

A big thanks to Jonny and Jacob for being simply wonderful tonight. You guys were very vibrant and amazing to hear live. I love the way you dance Jonny, don’t ever change. As well, I love how cool, calm and mysterious you appear Jacob, when really I know you are loving the sounds.

I cannot emphasize how outstanding you both are. Just great.

You were my best friend, but then you died.

Days go by, and I never needed you.

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